Friday, December 02, 2005

this is my car that i'll buy me when i'm back in germany.. tight what.. !!! yea yea..
hey :)
it's weeeeeeekend tralalalalala tonight we are going to our school because the basketball saison start tonight.... oki i don't know what to write... so see ya on sunday


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yeeeeeeeaaa the first picture from me are there juhUuu

heY welCome on mY DaveDaChick Blog...
I did it... i will post more in the next time.. and put some hot picture on my blog from me and my underground clan..... you guy's must know that i really enjoy my time here in Kansas.. with all of you. i wish you all are coming some day to germany and have party with me and my freaky german friends.. there are really crazy :) That's it.. have a great day...

oki see ya later